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Keeping communications clear

Industry Solutions

From marshalling large scale, one-off events to maintaining operations on a daily basis, smooth communication is vital to your success.

Providing accurate and consistent real-time data, our complete specialist solutions allow you to monitor events as they unfold, providing seamless cross-team coordination, even across multiple venues.

From responding to incidents to scheduling maintenance, the automation of essential processes enhances your asset utilisation and enables a swift response in emergency scenarios.

Voice and Data Voice and Data

Concurrent voice and data communications allow real-time information sharing

Noise cancellation Noise cancellation

Unique noise suppression gives crystal-clear audio and allows clear and uninterrupted communication - even in noisy environments

Clear Communications Clear Communications

Talk groups enable individual teams to communicate simultaneously

Simple tracking Simple tracking

Comprehensive resource tracking allows you to proactively manage allocation of personnel

Apps Capability Apps Capability

Customisable applications enable team members to concurrently submit multiple status updates and report incidents quickly and easily

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