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Over the Air Programming (OTAP)

Programming Tools

Save time, reduce costs, and keep radios in service with automatic re-programming and updates via Wi-Fi with Sepura's Over the Air Programming (OTAP) solution.

Sepura’s resilient, intelligent and durable SC Series hand-portable and mobile radios feature Wi-Fi OTAP, enabling seamless remote upgrades, in the field, with minimum disruption to radio operation.


Remote Upgrade Remote Upgrade

SC radios within authorised Wi-Fi coverage can be remotely updated over the air to install or download radio configuration, AppSPACE apps, Phonebook, Fleetmap, PIN/PUK codes, SDAs, privacy, WAP configuration and licence files.

Uninterrupted Comms Uninterrupted Comms

Download to the radio does not interrupt any TETRA communication and does not require user intervention. Users can continue their duty with full radio service while downloads run as a background task. Once downloaded, the user is still in control and triggers the installation process at the next radio switch off.

Secure Secure

An end to end secure and authenticated connection is established during the download process. The Wi-Fi connection between the radio and the Access Point is secured using WPA2 with a choice of Personal or Enterprise authentication. Optionally, an Open connection can also be setup if users are confident and in control of their environment. TLS 1.2 with certificates and mutual authentication ensures secure connection between the OTAP application in the radio and the Radio Manager (RM) Client. This provides data encryption, data integrity and authentication ensuring that no one has read or modified the data and the radio is communicating with the intended target.

Common Tools and Hardware Common Tools and Hardware

An enhanced Radio Manager 2 uses a common process to create batches for both wired and wireless (OTAP) downloads. Radio Manager also supports simultaneous wired and wireless downloads to multiple radios thus avoiding the need for separate PCs. With a networked Wi-Fi Access Point, the Radio Manager Client can be installed on a PC anywhere in the world, whilst radios in the field are across the globe. The common batch process and shared hardware resource makes capital and operational cost savings.

Plan and Schedule Plan and Schedule

Downloads to the radio are configured to complete within a fixed period. Similarly, the installation process is scheduled to start and complete within a set date and time. Synchronised fleet upgrades avoids operational issues that may arise due to out of step configuration between radios.

Full Lifecycle Report Full Lifecycle Report

Radio Manager 2 maintains the complete programming lifecycle status giving the Fleet Manager a complete overview of each radio in the fleet. On completion of the installation process, the radio sends it’s programming status back to the Radio Manager Client either via Wi-Fi (if still connected) or using the TETRA SDS messaging service.

Remote Log Collection Remote Log Collection

The secure OTAP connection also collects radio information, radio logs, battery usage updates and user Phonebook edits. Regular synchronisation of field radio logs and battery information optimises the management of radios, allowing quicker resolution of issues and keeping them working longer.

Technical Data

Accessories compatible with Over the Air Programming (OTAP)