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Tough environments demand tough solutions

Communication in Safety Critical Environments

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Tough and Robust Communication Solutions for Oil and Gas

Tough environments demand tough solutions. Our complete TETRA solutions for hazardous environments provide loud, clear, safe communication in the toughest conditions, and are custom designed to meet the challenges typically found in oil and gas environments.

Effective and reliable communications can make the difference between life and death. Nowhere is this more evident than in ‘safety critical’ environments, such as those found in the oil, gas, petrochemical, mining, manufacturing and construction industries.

TETRA two-way digital radio systems were designed with ‘mission critical’ users in mind and are able to support high levels of coverage, capacity, reliability, availability, security and redundancy.

The oil and gas sector as a whole faces a huge range of challenges which affect its communications requirements. Maintaining safety of operation in dangerous situations and dealing quickly with any incidents arising are two of the key considerations. Optimising the workload and maximising the efficiency of the workforce, meeting the enhanced need for security and dealing with extremes of temperature and adverse weather conditions are also highly important.

Designed to be secure, resilient, feature-rich and inter-operable, TETRA has become the clear choice for many organisations in the oil and gas sector.

With Intrinsically Safe options meeting IECEx/ATEX standards, our specialist solutions provide a powerful voice and data network that supports and enhances production - reducing costs, maximising output and promoting swift decision-making.

As such, TETRA solutions are ideally suited to safety critical environments.

A proven technology across a number of sectors where advanced, secure communications are a necessity, the Sepura TETRA solution offers:

Security Security

Advanced encryption offers extra security

Fast call set-up times Fast call set-up times

Utilising traditional Push-To-Talk (PTT)

Flexibility and scalability Flexibility and scalability

From small single-site operation to nationwide networks


From production wells to storage tanks, SCADA permits monitoring of remote equipment - eliminating trips to inaccessible drilling sites and storage facilities - and allows equipment shutdown and recovery in an emergency

Geofencing Geofencing

Geofencing limits access to restricted areas, indicates unauthorised movement of equipment and alerts personnel of proximity to danger zones

Connectivity Connectivity

Cross-platform connectivity gives crews access to text and image messaging, email and back-end system data, even in remote locations

Resource tracking Resource tracking

Comprehensive resource tracking allows proactive management of critical assets

Custom applications Custom applications

Customisable apps maintain a full audit trail and promote safety-compliant environments, reducing incidents and liability exposure

GPS for Worker Safety GPS for Worker Safety

Features such as Man-Down and Lone Worker combine with precise GPS location to ensure staff safety

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