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Programming Tools

E2E Encryption management tool

CMC and CDT are crypto management tools used in End-to-End Encryption. CMC is used to create key materials and data association which can then be loaded into radios either over the air or via a direct wired connection. The CMC can import data from Radio Manager adding further efficiency and an electronic audit trail to the process.

CDT provides a secure and portable method of delivering key material and data association, created using the CMC, over a direct wire connection to Sepura radios.

The CMC & CDT operation is compliant with the TETRA MoU Security and Fraud Prevention Group recommendations.


Life Cycle Management Life Cycle Management

Complete Crypto Management of the radio fleet

Security Security

Dedicated machine with encrypted data storage and backup facility

Fleet Mapping Fleet Mapping

Import fleet information (ISSIs and GSSIs) from the Sepura Radio Manager providing a simple and efficient fleet management operation

Reporting Reporting

Complete report on crypto configuration management, knowing which radios have which keys and configuration

Scalability Scalability

Configuration and cost effective options to suit each users requirements

Technical Data

Accessories compatible with CMC & CDT