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English Ambulance Services to Benefit from Sepura's SCL3 Hand-Portable Device

14th May 2024

Press Release: Following the recent announcement of the contract to supply the SCL3 broadband hand-portable device to the Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC) via the NHS Ambulance Radio Programme, we are delighted to share further details.

The contract will supply 11 English Ambulance Trusts with the latest broadband technology, which addresses the need for optimum performance across the testing environments and working practices of ambulance staff, including frontline clinicians.

This agreement includes the delivery of over 16,500 new SCL3 broadband hand-portable devices, a full eco-system of accessories and powerful Mobile Device Management (MDM) service. Offering full control to the user organisation, this provides over-the-air device management and software provisioning for both LTE and TETRA services.

"ARP have selected Sepura for this significant contract because they displayed a strong understanding of the needs of the Ambulance users and a flexible user design backed up with a pedigree in producing robust mission-critical devices."

Duncan Bray, Director, NHS Ambulance Radio Programme

Created with mission-critical users in mind, the SCL3 device has the flexibility to be deployed as LTE only or as Hybrid TETRA and 4G/5G, providing a powerful device to enable the migration to mission-critical broadband communication.

Supporting the best of both worlds, the SCL3 is the link to future Mission Critical Communications (MCX) utilising its optional TETRA module to provide a migration path from existing TETRA communications to MCX services.

For NHS Ambulance Trusts, the SCL3 will maintain communications in the field on the existing Airwave TETRA network as well as encompass the benefits of broadband data and a migration path to ESN.

SCL3 broadband hand portable device

The physical characteristics of the device support frontline operation in all environments, including wet conditions, shifting temperatures and humidity. A long lifecycle, with continuing support for device hardware and software are also an essential part of the SCL3 value proposition.

"Sepura is proud to continue to support the NHS Ambulance Radio Programme with the best products in the market, yet again demonstrating our market leadership in the supply of critical communications devices and solutions worldwide.”

Steve Barber, Chief Executive Officer, Sepura

The SCL3 broadband hand portable device launches globally today at Critical Communication World in Dubai.

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