LTE-PMR Convergence Solution


As part of the Hytera Group, Sepura can offer the Hytera LTE-PMR Convergence Solution comprising Multi-mode Advanced Radio terminals, narrowband-broadband infrastructure, and management software.

Incorporating feature-rich broadband technologies while ensuring that critical voice services remain accessible through narrowband technologies such as TETRA, DMR, and PDT.

Narrowband network communications devices are necessary for emergency communications across public safety and utilities industries. The development of commercial LTE technology, with significant positive attributes such as low latency and high bandwidth, has been noticed by critical communication users who are now looking to bring LTE technology into the field of private communications. Capable of transferring large volumes of data and videos, LTE technology can enhance communication for mission critical users.

With 3GPP approving the standard for mission-critical PTT(MCPTT) over LTE in Release 13 but with customer demands requiring further standardisation and frequency approval most customer in the future will operate mission-critical voice services across a narrowband secure private network, such as TETRA, and use commercial LTE networks for non-critical data transfer.

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