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Sepura Device Manager (SDM)

LTE Programming Tools

Sepura Device Manager (SDM) has been designed to offer a centralised management solution for mission critical customers. Its primary focus is to provide in-the-field device management via an LTE bearer allowing a customer to manage a device fleet in near real time.

Utilising Over-the-Air (OTA) software upgrades and configuration management it brings a cost-effective solution for deploying and managing devices on an LTE network.

Software Upgrades

Centrally managed software upgrades allow new features and fixes to be deployed, and give clear deployment progress updates while a device remains in service without the need for return to a service centre.

Configuration Data

SDM allows the creation of configuration sets for the SCU3 Broadband Vehicle Device. These configurations control parameters around power, audio gain and network bearer selection via a set of rules. A configuration can be created and edited using the simple to use graphical user interface (GUI) and then either applied directly to a group or one of the devices.

Device Groups and Policies

A key strength of SDM is the ability to manage a group of devices centrally. This in combination with device groups and policies allows a user to quickly provision and manage a large fleet of devices. These device policies allow a set of configuration rules to be grouped into a policy and deployed at the touch of a button.

Once a device has had a policy applied, SDM will ensure that the device complies to the applied policy, any deviations from this policy will result in SDM attempting automatic correction or flagging that the device does not conform.

User Authorisation

Users authorised to perform an activity ensures less mistakes in deploying important configuration and software updates. SDM provides full authorisation capabilities to allow an administrator to restrict or allow a user to perform certain activities.

Audit Trail

SDM records details of every activity performed on the system, giving an administrator confidence that any activity can be tracked back to the user. Having this ability also allows tracking of any changes made to a device.



Full granular control over what capabilities a user has access to within the SDM Service

Audit Trail

Administrators can easily see what has been changed on the system and uploaded to devices

Bearer Selection Rules

Ability to define rules which control the destination bearer based on website and applications used

Software as a Service (SaaS) Deployment Model

Easy deployment thorugh a secure hosted environment and normal web browser

Device Policies

Create a policy made up of multiple configuration rules which is enforced on a device once applied

Centralised Software Updates

Maintain and update devices with the latest security patches and feature updates from a central location. All progress can be tracked easily via a central dashboard

Technical Data

Accessories compatible with Sepura Device Manager (SDM)