AppSPACE Applications

Maximise safety & operational efficiency

Sepura’s Applications Portfolio, AppSPACE, helps to reduce operational costs, enhance safety and deliver improved outcomes through the sharing of data.

AppSPACE seamlessly connects teams, devices and systems with operational data over TETRA, 4G and IP networks. This enables streamlined workflows and delivery of critical situational awareness information to the right people at the right time, while reducing the need for voice calls.

AppSPACE Radio Applications are compatible with SC Series Radios.

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App SPACE Three Benefits Diagram

Radio Applications

Sepura’s Radio Applications can be easily installed on handheld or mobile devices to improve operations out in the field.

  • Enhance speed and accuracy of response to tasks, issued by dispatch
  • Reduce errors and improve response times through automation
  • Send and receive messages over Wi-Fi (if TETRA not available)
  • Warn radio users (and dispatchers) of local risks and dangers
  • Monitor and record mapped TETRA network coverage

NB: AppSPACE Radio Apps are compatible with SC Series Radios

App SPACE Combined SCSCG

Radio and Control Room Applications

Whether deployed as a standalone tool or integrated within your existing infrastructure, Sepura's portfolio of Radio and Control Room Applications deliver enhanced operational benefits through the generation and sharing of knowledge, richer and situational awareness information between control rooms and field teams and other data sources.

  • View your team's indoor or outdoor location in real time
  • Use text, picture and chat messaging to share knowledge quickly and reduce errors
  • Eliminate the daily administrative burden of a pool radio fleet
  • Automatically control and manage radio talkgroup access
  • Asset management - know who is using which radio at any time
  • Easily trace causes of comms or network failures
  • Retrieve and send critical data to central databases from your field radio or smartphone

App SPACE Radio and Control Room

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