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Over two million Sepura TETRA radios deployed worldwide

Sepura is a Global Leader in TETRA


Sepura has been at the heart of TETRA throughout its history and is a leading global provider, with sales of over two million TETRA radios into over 100 countries. With its head office based in Cambridge, Sepura supports customers worldwide through a global distributor network who provide support to users.

Sepura's TETRA radios deliver excellent coverage, security and reliability through a scalable and cost-effective platform; delivering outstanding audio through advanced audio processing and exceptional loudspeakers.

Rugged, hard-wearing and dependable, Sepura TETRA radios also offer superb functionality, boasting excellent water and dust resistance and unique Water Porting technology, our radios are designed to keep communications clear at all times.

Our ATEX/IECEx Intrinsically Safe options function in the most arduous conditions, providing loud, clear communication that you can rely on.

For optimum comfort and practicality we have an extensive range of accessories which allow critical communications solutions to be perfectly tailored to the user's needs.

For operational efficiency our range of applications streamlines essential processes and enables automated processing such as automatic vehicle location (AVL), automatic person location (APL) and in-building tracking.

Sepura has taken a leading role in the development of the TETRA Standard and driven innovation in TETRA products. Sepura is the partner of choice for advanced TETRA communications.

Key benefits of TETRA


TETRA is an open standard enabling operation with multiple vendors


Supporting TETRA encryption (E2EE and AIE) and authentication


Sepura TETRA radios are built for the most arduous conditions

Robust Robust

Unsurpassed system reliability thanks to intelligent network resilience and robust design

Spectral Efficiency Spectral Efficiency

4 time slots in a single carrier

Global Standard Global Standard

Used in over 100 countries worldwide

High availability High availability

Inherent capability to design in network redundancy

High quality communications High quality communications

Supports voice and data transmission

Sepura TETRA products

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