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Radio Manager 2

Programming Tools

Radio Programming & Configuration Tool

A comprehensive management tool, Radio Manager 2 provides simultaneous programming of multiple radios enabling efficient configuration and software updates of the radio fleet.

Radio Manager is an integrated suite of software tools to configure and program Sepura TETRA Radios. With a database driven system, it tracks and manages the entire fleet of Sepura radios providing rich asset management capability. It also provides comprehensive reporting capabilities for reviewing and auditing.

Radio Manager is available in standalone and client–server configurations with options to program single or multiple radios simultaneously.

Geographically, Devon and Cornwall Constabulary covers the largest police area in England. Radio Manager 2, in conjunction with remote programming pods, allows officers to receive radio updates and upgrades at their nearest location.

"In the past, a force-wide update would have taken months to implement, but now there's potential for an update of this magnitude to be carried out within a single cycle of duty shifts".

Tim Bishop, Airwave Development Manager, Devon and Cornwall Constabulary


Radio Manager Application

Configure and manage a fleet of Sepura radios. Create customisation files and batches to program Sepura radios.

Radio Manager Programming Client

Connect to the radio and execute the relevant batch. It also provides diagnostic functions. Programming Clients can be installed locally on the same PC with the RM Application or remotely for distributed programming.

Radio Manager Database Manager

Interfaces with the database and enables a number of database management tasks, such as back up and restoration in an easy and secure manner.

Radio Manager Database

All of these tools use the Radio Manager database, which lies at the heart of the system and holds all the data used to program and manage the radios.

Technical Data

Accessories compatible with Radio Manager 2