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Efficiently automates asset management


RadioAsset provides real-time TETRA radio and user information to fleet managers and the ability to audit hand portable and vehicle devices quickly, accurately and automatically.

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RadioAsset Dashboard View

Save time and simplify deployment with enhanced asset management

Time and cost saving

Reduce physical auditing to complete audits in hours not days

High user response rate

Built-in reminders and simple data input for radio users

Meets regulatory standards

Easy and compliant fleet auditing, meeting ETSI requirements

Configurable Radio App

Three states are available to Fleet Managers to best suit your operational needs:

  1. Auto Logon: the app runs in the background with no user input, continuously providing radio status information
  2. User Logon: in addition to status information, upon log-in the user enters unique data to establish radio allocation and usage
  3. Audit: a one-off comprehensive audit with configurable questions to gather data input from users
Radio Audit 3

Flexible Reporting for Fleet Managers

  • Data is displayed on a web-based PC application
  • The live dashboard provides instant visibility of outline data for high-level tracking
  • Pre-set reports identify anomalies within a radio fleet, enabling swift action if required
  • Fleet managers can filter, search and save reports according to their specific needs
  • Detailed data can be exported for full analysis
RadioAsset reports dashboard on desktop

RadioAsset is available via AppSPACE for the following products:

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