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Communications solutions for gas, electricity and water providers

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Critical communications for utility providers

Today's world is driven by utilities. From sanitation to power supply, our society is dependent on sophisticated networks to ensure our national welfare and the continuity of our businesses. Our communications solutions help to keep the water, gas and electricity flowing.

With Intrinsically Safe options meeting IECEx/ATEX standards, our specialist solutions provide a powerful voice and data network that can automate and streamline essential processes, providing increased productivity, improved onsite security and superior asset protection. They can also help to ensure business continuity through effective allocation of resources.

Highly robust and secure - and with no single point of failure - they can keep you communicating when other systems fail, permitting a rapid response, even in emergency situations.

Worker safety is prioritised through features such as Man-Down, using motion sensors to detect lack of movement, and Lone Worker, which can be configured to raise an emergency call if a status change is detected.

Safeguard staff wellbeing Safeguard staff wellbeing

Features such as lone worker and Man-Down combine with precise GPS location to ensure staff safety

Extend coverage in hard-to-reach areas Extend coverage in hard-to-reach areas

Mobile gateways ‘go with you’, providing portable coverage for incidents and emergencies

Maintain existing systems Maintain existing systems

A full suite of applications provides seamless back-office integration with your existing business tools, as well as providing for efficient migration from legacy radio systems

Protect and track assets Protect and track assets

Monitoring of remote equipment via SCADA allows you to select and deploy resources based on location and status

Powerful Audio Powerful Audio

Unique noise suppression gives crystal-clear audio and uninterrupted communication - even in noisy environments

Track and Report Track and Report

Automation provides a full audit trail, essential for accurate reporting and accountability, monitoring of remote equipment via SCADA allows you to select and deploy resources based on location and status


Permitting monitoring of remote equipment - eliminating trips to inaccessible drilling sites and storage facilities - and allows equipment shutdown and recovery in an emergency

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