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Fire & Rescue

Radio communications that can withstand the heat

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Communications for fire & rescue

Radio communications that can withstand the heat

Swift and reliable communications enable faster response times and a more efficient service.

Trusted by numerous fire services throughout the world, our specialist communication solutions provide secure voice and data communications with superb audio clarity even in the most demanding operational environments.

Sepura radios are able to withstand the extreme environment of the fireground, as well as, enabling efficient operation coordination.

Our radio communications solutions, based on the TETRA standard and complemented with broadband technologies, provide continuous voice and data communication between control centres, vehicles and those on the ground. This ensures all resources are fully informed and updated throughout each phase of the deployment.

  • Integration of existing alert and mobilisation equipment with TETRA data services ensures command and control rooms can efficiently call out and deploy fire resources with ease
  • Incident details and route to incident satnav data can easily be sent to each deployed vehicle whilst button bar status equipment provide confirmation and update of vehicle and officer status throughout the deployment
  • Sepura handheld radios provide crystal clear communications with unique noise suppression to ensure uninterrupted audio
  • Handsets are tough enough to withstand the direct impact of smoke, heat, water or dust
  • Connections to existing breathing apparatus ensure full and clear communication
  • Vehicle radios enabled with gateway and repeater capability ‘go with you’ to incidents and provide range extension of the TETRA network to cater for coverage of dead spots
  • The Man Down feature, in combination with GPS location means officers in distress can
    quickly be located
    and aided by colleagues
  • Common user interface reduces the cost of training and time to implementation, as once a user has learnt to use one Sepura radio, they can use any Sepura radio
  • Unique to Sepura, Short Data Applications provide a user friendly portal on the radio to send or receive information such as responding to paging/callout notifications, receiving operational images sent from the control room or interrogating a Hazmat database

Sepura in action - supporting fire and rescue across the world

Rugged Rugged

Designed with the end user in mind, our terminals can withstand multiple knocks and drops

Robust Robust

Sepura radios endure arduous testing before being committed to customers with each radio type being tested well beyond the industry standard requirements

Reliable Reliable

Delivery loud clear audio when it is needed most

Apps capability Apps capability

Sepura radios can behave like a pager with data capability to show incident details and database lookup of operational information.

Intrinsically safe solutions Intrinsically safe solutions

Officers entering IS areas can use radios with the latest v6 of the ATEX standard and a full range of accessories that also comply.

Ultra sensitive GPS Ultra sensitive GPS

Ensures health and safety of officers can be enhanced through location services – especially during emergency calls and man-down activation

Tailored accessories Tailored accessories

Ranging from the Ultra CSM through to a range of specific headsets and earpieces, our communications solution are tailored for the fireground

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