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Police TETRA Radios

Robust, Reliable, Secure Police Communications

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Police TETRA Radios

Providing the world's police critical communications

Trusted by innumerous police forces throughout the world, our specialist communication solutions provide highly secure voice and data encrypted communications, crystal clear coverage in any environment, and instantaneous communication with other emergency services and civil protection agencies.

From overt to covert, Sepura solutions are trusted to provide the vital communications to even the most advanced operations.

Having provided advanced radio communications to over 100 police forces around the world, Sepura solutions are reliable, robust and secure.

  • Mobile gateways 'go with you' to incidents, providing coverage even in dead spots
  • Unique noise suppression gives crystal-clear audio and allows clear and uninterrupted communication - even over the sound of sirens
  • Concurrent voice and data communications allow real-time information sharing with colleagues, the control room and emergency services
  • Apps give instant, secure access to multiple databases, combining concurrent query results in a single, concise response
  • Rugged handsets are tough enough to withstand the direct impact of smoke, heat, water or dust
  • The Man-Down feature, in combination with GPS location, permits swift dispatch of backup to officers in distress

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