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One flexible solution for viewing your team's GPS or indoor location and their situational status


Provides greater situational awareness to protect workers and deploy resources more effectively.

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How SmartView Can Help Your Organisation

Increased safety

Locate people quickly and accurately in an emergency


Fast installation using low energy Bluetooth location beacon


Use with your existing GPS location and mapping

Increased safety

  • Locate individuals quickly and accurately in an emergency
  • Enable response teams to locate and assist lone workers in distress fast
  • Seamless monitoring of all locations - indoor and out


Increased efficiency

  • Ensure efficient and optimised deployment of key resources and faster response times during critical incidents
  • Use location and role data to influence allocation of routine tasks
  • Monitor access to restricted areas
  • Single screen showing indoor and outdoor location status

Cost effective and flexible deployment

  • Indoor and/or outdoor tracking on the same system
  • Fast, low-cost installation using wireless beacons and Wi-Fi access points
  • Easy to upload building floor plans, allowing you to monitor location by room or predefined zone
  • Wireless or direct TETRA network connection options available
  • Simple API options to add indoor tracking to your existing GPS location and mapping solution
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SmartView App is available via AppSPACE for the following products:

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