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Proven Transport Solutions

Sepura provides highly flexible and scalable transport communications solutions tailored to each customer.

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Communications solutions for all transport types

Sepura is experienced in designing, manufacturing and deploying critical communication solutions for the transportation market. From airports, buses, trams and subways to railways, high-speed trains and sophisticated driverless vehicles, our terminals and applications for critical voice and data – including surveillance solutions for rolling stock – drive efficiency, promote safety and give fast access to critical information when it is most needed.

Highly flexible and scalable, our solutions are tailored to the specific requirements of each customer, providing a scalable system that grows along with communication requirements.

Our radio communications solutions, based on the TETRA standard and complemented with broadband technologies, provide continuous voice and data communication between vehicles and control systems. This link provides powerful and reliable support for a range of applications:

  • Voice for communications with the driver, PA and intercom systems, etc.
  • Critical data for alarm management, vehicle diagnostics, location, emergencies, etc.
  • Vital data providing signaling data for driving instructions
  • Non-vital data for video surveillance and other applications

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