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Sepura Launches Mission Critical Broadband Hand-Portable Device

6th March 2024

At this week’s BAPCO Annual Event, Sepura has launched the SCL3 TETRA and 4G/5G Device, our first rugged broadband hand portable.

Complementing the SCU3 Hybrid Vehicle Device, the SCL3 reinforces our commitment to invest in the future of critical communications and reduces the risk and costs of migrating to Mission Critical Services (MCX) by providing hybrid solutions to help bridge the transition.

The new SCL3 device has the flexibility to be deployed as LTE only or as hybrid TETRA and 4G/5G, providing a powerful device to enable the migration to mission-critical broadband.

Supporting the best of both worlds, the SCL3 is the link to future MCX communications, utilising its optional TETRA module to provide a clear, sustainable migration path. Organisations can start today with TETRA TMO voice and LTE data and migrate on their desired timescale to full MCX operation while continuing to use TETRA DMO for Device-to-Device (D2D) services.

Created with mission-critical users in mind, the SCL3 addresses the requirements for rugged broadband devices outlined by NCCOM (the Nordic public safety network operators) and includes features that Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR) users rely on in rugged TETRA devices, such as physical buttons for PTT and emergency calls.

SCL3 TETRA and 4G/5G Device Cropped

“We are delighted to be launching the SCL3 at BAPCO and that the public safety sector is the first to see the new device. For customers who are embarking on their migration strategy to LTE, the SCL3 provides a safe and secure path towards MCX that can be started now allowing early use of broadband services whilst maintaining current TETRA communication.”

Peter Hudson, Chief Technology Officer

The physical characteristics of the device support frontline operation in all environments, which include shifting temperatures, humidity, and wet conditions. A long lifecycle, with continuing support for hardware, chipset, battery, and software are also an essential part of the SCL3 value proposition.

The SCL3 portfolio is also complemented by the complete ecosystem of accessories required to deploy to mission-critical users including chargers, audio accessories, carry cases and a car kit, as well as a full Mobile Device Management (MDM) service for organisations that provides comprehensive over-the-air device management and software provisioning for both LTE and TETRA.

“Building on over 20 years of experience supplying public safety and other mission-critical users, at Sepura we are committed to continually developing and investing in our hybrid portfolio as well as future technologies. The SCL3 demonstrates this commitment by combining best practice, reliability and the latest technology to provide users with unparalleled robustness and functionality therefore creating the complete solution for the evolution of mission-critical communications."

Peter Hudson, Chief Technology Officer

The SCL3 will be publicly launched at the BAPCO Annual Event in Coventry from 6-7 March 2024. Visit the Sepura team on stand D1 to find out more or get in touch.

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