Radio Applications

Simply install on your radio fleet for improved operational safety, efficiency and effectiveness.

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  • Audits can be completed automatically, significantly reducing administrative burden
  • Reduces manual handling of radios as process is complete remotely by radio user
  • Allows efficient management of the radio fleet, confirming security compliance and meeting regulatory requirements
  • Scalable to your organisation’s fleet size and mix of Sepura radios

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Radio Audit Radio screen 1

Smart SDS Alerter

Improves task response speed

  • Enhances standard SDS messages used for task dispatch and alerts
  • Works with any dispatch system
  • Improves communication with rich text, formatting and audio tones
  • Saves time by automating manual actions with shortcut keys
Smart SDS Alerter radio screen

Lost Radio Alerter

Never lose a radio again

  • Radio emits loud audible alert after separation to prevent loss
  • If alert is not cancelled, escalated alert is sent to a colleagues' radio or control room with time and GPS data
  • Reduces equipment costs
Sepura SC20 hand-portable radio Lost Radio Alert application screen


Automates radio workflow based on location

  • Uses radio location, geofences and other parameters to automate radio workflow actions
  • Improves safety, speed and accuracy of operations
  • Eliminates human error and reduces need for user training
  • Automation options include talkgroup selection, sending messages, displaying & sounding alerts, switching between DMO and TMO
Geo Smart radio screen

SDS Wi-Fi Alerter

Enables Wi-Fi messaging between radio user and the control room

  • Messages get through where there is no TETRA coverage
  • Ensures lone workers are always contactable
  • No need to carry a second communication device
SDS Wi Fi Alerter

Low Battery Alerter

Never lose radio comms

  • Radio emits loud audible alert and shows visual warning once battery reserve level has been reached
  • Alert escalation option
Low Battery Alerter Master

Smart Equipment Monitor

Ensure team safety at all times

  • Connects to smart devices to share critical data and alerts
  • Alerts triggered by body temperature, vital signs (e.g. heart rate), SCBA air pressure, gas sensors and other measurements
  • Alert escalation option
Smart Equipment Monitor Heart Rate Monitor Master

Route Test Network Monitor

Maps your radios TETRA coverage on a smartphone

  • Allows you to test and record TETRA coverage along a route
  • Records can be saved and exported for detailed analysis
  • Aids operation planning and network fault finding
Route Test network Monitor Collective

Shunting Call App

Enables safer and faster coupling of train rolling stock

  • Provides fail-safe call, warning of loss of comms between train driver and look-out
  • App replaces existing bulky radio hardware 'box' solutions
  • For use by passenger and haulage rail operators
Shunting Call App with shadow image

Vehicle Crash Alerter

Allows control if an agency vehicle is involved in a collision

  • Allows fastest possible deployment of assistance
  • App detects crash via airbag (or tilt) sensors and automatically sends SDS alert to control
  • SDS alert includes vehicle ID, GPS location and time of incident
Vehicle Crash Alerter MOBILE

Apps are available via AppSPACE for the following products:

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Sepura’s policy is to continually improve its products and services. The features and facilities described on this website were correct at publication, but are subject to change without notice. The apps described here are examples of apps in development and the features described herein are also subject to change.