Radio Applications

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Smart SDS Alerter

Improves task response needed

  • Enhances standard SDS messages used for task dispatch and alerts
  • Works with any dispatch system
  • Improves communication with rich text, formatting and audio tones
  • Saves time by automating manual actions with shortcut keys
Smart SDS Alerter radio screen

Lost Radio Alerter

Never lose a radio again

  • Radio emits loud audible alert after separation to prevent loss
  • If alert is not cancelled, escalated alert is sent to a colleagues' radio or control room with time and GPS data
  • Reduces equipment costs
Sepura SC20 hand-portable radio Lost Radio Alert application screen


Automates radio workflow based on location

  • Uses radio location, geofences and other parameters to automate radio workflow actions
  • Improves safety, speed and accuracy of operations
  • Eliminates human error and reduces need for user training
  • Automation options include talkgroup selection, sending messages, displaying & sounding alerts, switching between DMO and TMO
Geo Smart radio screen

SDS Wi-Fi Alerter

Enables Wi-Fi messaging between radio user and the control room

  • Messages get through where there is no TETRA coverage
  • Ensures lone workers are always contactable
  • No need to carry a second communication device
SDS Wi Fi Alerter

Low Battery Alerter

Never lose radio comms

  • Radio emits loud audible alert and shows visual warning once battery reserve level has been reached
  • Alert escalation option
Low Battery Alerter Master

Smart Equipment Monitor

Ensure team safety at all times

  • Connects to smart devices to share critical data and alerts
  • Alerts triggered by body temperature, vital signs (e.g. heart rate), SCBA air pressure, gas sensors and other measurements
  • Alert escalation option
Smart Equipment Monitor Heart Rate Monitor Master

Route Test Network Monitor

Maps your radios TETRA coverage on a smartphone

  • Allows you to test and record TETRA coverage along a route
  • Records can be saved and exported for detailed analysis
  • Aids operation planning and network fault finding
Route Test network Monitor Collective

Shunting Call App

Enables safer and faster coupling of train rolling stock

  • Provides fail-safe call, warning of loss of comms between train driver and look-out
  • App replaces existing bulky radio hardware 'box' solutions
  • For use by passenger and haulage rail operators
Shunting Call App with shadow image

Vehicle Crash Alerter

Allows control if an agency vehicle is involved in a collision

  • Allows fastest possible deployment of assistance
  • App detects crash via airbag (or tilt) sensors and automatically sends SDS alert to control
  • SDS alert includes vehicle ID, GPS location and time of incident
Vehicle Crash Alerter MOBILE

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