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SmartChat, a Secure Operational Messaging Solution for TETRA Radios and Smart Devices Launched

29th April 2021

Sepura have launched SmartChat, a secure operational messaging solution that joins smartphone, tablet and office-based staff with field officers equipped with TETRA terminals.


SmartChat enables mission critical messages to be shared between users on a secure TETRA platform, enabling all members of the operational team to be kept informed and aware of developing intelligence.

Crucially, SmartChat enables TETRA radio users to see and share text and image-based communications. It can be extended to multiple web browsers and smart devices with either iOS or Android-based operating systems, meaning data is shared across an entire operational team, not just those with a particular device.

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Sepura Radio Transport User

SmartChat was designed to improve overall situational awareness for mission critical users. For these users, their next action is often dependent on the information they have to hand. By sharing data as widely as possible, in a simple user interface, the application seamlessly joins smartphone, control room and TETRA radio users.

This improves operational efficiency and supports staff safety.

Jon Cossins, Product Manager at Sepura

Using chat-based messaging to support voice communications means it is easier to share complex or hard to remember information such as an address or a specific location, a car registration or a maintenance part. Messages are stored on the device and available for reference when required.

Similarly images can be shared and used for reference during operations; for instance the image of a missing person sent to rescue teams; an image of a burst water pipe sent to maintenance teams, or an image of a missing part sent to the purchasing team to allow a repair to be completed.

By using the secure TETRA network, SmartChat ensures crucial information is received by users even when the broadband coverage is poor – this is frequently the case in large buildings, underground locations or remote spots.

Smart Chat image

We are seeing an increase in the number of smartphone users in the commercial and mission critical environment, but these users are unable to share information with front line users of TETRA radios.

This is as relevant in critical national infrastructure such as transport and utilities as it is in public safety. SmartChat is a powerful solution to support these organisations; using the benefits of a secure TETRA platform and ensuring that voice channels are kept free for emergency communications.

Peter Hudson, Chief Technology Officer at Sepura



  • Productive messaging across operational teams
  • Self-hosted and secure without reliance on commercial clouds
  • Flexible integration to IT systems and data sources
  • Forward critical messages to radios across TETRA networks

Download the SmartChat flyer >

Smart Chat image

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