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Reflecting on a Successful BAPCO Annual Event

22nd March 2024

The BAPCO Annual Event brings together professionals, thought leaders, and industry experts from around the world to discuss, and showcase the latest advancements in critical communications and information management.

The exhibition floor showcased state-of-the-art communication systems, command centre solutions, IoT devices and wearable technologies, offering a glimpse into the future of public safety and emergency response. Some hot topics this year included the role of AI in public safety, as well as the benefits of Mission Critical Services (MCX) and its function alongside TETRA and how the landscape is changing in Europe and beyond.

Sepura stand at BAPCO 2024 (6)

This year’s event was a resounding success for Sepura as we displayed our complete migration story from innovative TETRA to Mission Critical broadband solutions. Our participation at BAPCO was an excellent opportunity to showcase our existing portfolio of products and solutions, as well as launch our newest broadband hand-portable device.

Introducing the SCL3 TETRA and 4G/5G Device

A standout moment for us was the launch of our groundbreaking SCL3 TETRA and 4G/5G Device, a pivotal step in the transition to MCX. More details will be announced at CCW, taking place in Dubai in May 2024.

“It’s great to offer a migration path to our customers and show that Sepura is dedicated to investing in innovation and new technology to provide the best solution for mission-critical users. We were very pleased with customers’ reaction to the SCL3 launch and it was great to interact with industry experts.”

Fabien Delestre, Product Manager, Sepura

Insights into Europe's MCX Future: A Panel Discussion with Sepura's Chief Technology Officer

Peter Hudson, Sepura's Chief Technology Officer, joined a panel discussion at BAPCO titled 'Where is Europe Going with MCX and the Way Forward.' His input provided important insights into the future of Mission Critical Services (MCX) in Europe.

As a leader in critical communications, Peter's involvement highlighted Sepura's dedication to shaping the direction of MCX technologies alongside TETRA as well as improving its deployment.

The panel explored the changing landscape of MCX, highlighting where it is being successfully implemented globally and offering valuable guidance for developing critical communication solutions across Europe.

Even though MCX is the future, there will be a period in which this runs side by side with TETRA as the TETRA market continues to grow.


As the world becomes increasingly interconnected and digitised, the importance of robust and resilient critical communications and information management systems cannot be overstated. The BAPCO Annual Event plays a pivotal role in helping organisations learn more about cutting-edge solutions for mission-critical communications.

For more information about the SCL3 device and our advancements in communication solutions for public safety, get in touch.

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