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INFO SEARCH & SEND uses our QUERY application to allow field workers to accurately and securely access critical operational information through their TETRA terminal or broadband device without the need for lengthy and error-prone voice calls to dispatch.

DATA QUERY connects radios and devices to your chosen operational databases and intranet systems and supplies relevant information according to search criteria, simply input through a series of template screens on the radio. Information can be both retrieved from and written to the data sources from the field device, allowing reports and information to be filed electronically and efficiently without the need to return to the office.

It can also initiate tasks according to a predefined logic associated with the data returned in single or multiple fields, thus automating or streamlining existing tasks within your workflow.

Enable law enforcement officers to check the criminal record and status of a detained individual on the street.

By entering the individual's name or identity number into the radio, the application rapidly searches a selection of national databases and delivers a prioritised summary of the key information, enabling the officer to take appropriate action quickly.

Enable a member of an industrial or public safety incident response team to identify the appropriate actions and precautions to take when hazardous chemicals have been released.

By entering the HAZCHEM code into the radio, the application searches the HAZCHEM database and provides the information.

Enable a radio dispatcher to send an 'overtime availability' request to a select group of radio users.

Responses can be quickly returned by each radio user and automatically collated and reported to the dispatcher for evaluation. Suitable for all organisations that need to manage / request overtime of their field personnel.

Enable security or equipment inspection teams to improve efficiency by creating and send routine reports in the field.

Using electronic forms and templates on the radio that are specific call designed to simplify and speed up data entry, the radio operator can quickly, legibly and accurately complete and send the report after each job.


Fast Fast

Gets mission critical information to your people in the field with superior accuracy and speed compared to voice

Efficient Efficient

Enables data sources to be updated and reports and 'forms' to be completed in the field and filed electronically reducing time and money spent on office or paper based processes

Multi-technology Multi-technology

Works with TETRA and LTE / Broadband Devices

Connected Connected

Can be used with barcode scanners and other data input devices connected to a radio 

Flexible Flexible

Includes control room interface or ability to integrate with existing systems via API

Technical Data

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