GPS Locate

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GPS Locate is an application that provides real time location information of people and equipment in outdoor environments, improving situational awareness and response efficiency of operational teams.

Keeping track of key assets and resources is an important part of any operational process. Having the information to hand to select and deploy the appropriate resources based on their location and status is a key factor in improving operational efficiency and optimising cost. It is also a vital factor when coordinating responses to safety critical events.

GPS Locate uses Global Navigation Satellite signals sent from multiple device types (including professional mobile Radios, Smartphones and broadband devices) and across a variety of communication networks (TETRA, GSM,3G, and 4G LTE) to display the location and status of each device and user on an Interactive map within the control room.

Improve the operational efficiency of your organisation by knowing the location of key resources (including people and vehicles) in real time and deploying them more effectively.

Suitable for all remote / field working teams operating in large areas with a GPS signal

Improve situational awareness and mission outcomes for Safety incident response teams.

Suitable for all organisations responsible for safety and security including Public Safety organisations, Industrial Plants, and Utilities etc.

Safeguard lone or remote workers by immediately identifying their location if an emergency alarm is triggered manually (emergency button) or automatically (man down sensor) by the radio.

Alarms may also be triggered by geofences or connected devices monitoring vital signs.

Maintain safety and compliance within the workplace by monitoring and logging the speed of your operational vehicles.

Suitable for all organisations managing a fleet of vehicles including public safety services, airports, utilities, industrial sites, quarries etc


Connected Connected

Concurrently Reports location information of multiple devices across multiple networks

Real time Real time

Reports real time and historical location data and instantly highlights location of users in distress who activate their radio's emergency buttons or who are inactive for long periods

Audit Trail Audit Trail

Retrieval of historical data enables incident review and audit

Flexible Flexible

System is scalable and customisable

Technical Data

Accessories compatible with GPS Locate