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Keep production moving

Critical communications for manufacturing

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Keeping production moving with Sepura

Critical Communication Devices

The success of your business depends on your ability to keep production moving. Providing accurate and consistent real-time data, our specialist communication solutions allow you to track, maintain and optimise performance, reducing downtime and minimising revenue loss.

From responding to incidents to scheduling maintenance, the automation of essential processes enhances your asset utilisation and improves response times, ensuring business continuity whilst safeguarding the well-being of your workforce.

Communications in tough environments

Intrinsically Safe options Intrinsically Safe options

IECEx/ATEX compliant radios and accessories allow quick and easy operation - even with gloved hands

Voice and Data Voice and Data

Concurrent voice and data communications allow real-time information sharing

Noise suppression Noise suppression

Unique noise suppression gives crystal-clear audio and allows clear and uninterrupted communication - even over the sound of machinery

Haptic technology Haptic technology

Data, vibration and hands-free functions provide instant messaging for workers on the move

Apps Capability Apps Capability

Apps give instant, secure access to multiple databases, combining concurrent query results in a single, concise response

Clear communications Clear communications

Talk groups enable individual teams to communicate simultaneously

Enhanced safety Enhanced safety

Features such as Lone Worker and Man-Down combine with precise GPS location to ensure staff safety

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