Sepura deliver clear communications for SFE, a major Norwegian energy group

Sepura partner in Norway, Wireless Communication AS, has successfully implemented Sepura TETRA radios for Sogn and Fjordane Energy (SFE) utilising Norway's Nødnett TETRA network.

Sogn and Fjordane Energy (SFE) are a major regional energy group in Norway. They produce, distribute and convert power across more than 4200 km of power lines, delivering to 32,000 electricity customers. Headquartered in Sandane in Nordfjord, SFE operate across Sogn and Fjordane.

With a distribution network that extends over high mountains and deep valleys and operates 26 power stations, robust communication solutions are essential, especially in emergency situations. Since Storm Dagmar, which caused devastation in Western Norway in 2011, SFE had been looking for an alternative to the analogue VHF connection. The company had used the analogue system for decades, to ensure robust and reliable communications in all weathers. Whilst their analogue system was robust, it did not have all of the applications that a digital connection has, which the users needed. The new TETRA communication system provides many benefits for SFE.

When Nødnett was built in 2015, users other than the 'blue light' agencies were invited to use the network, prompting SFE to test it. SFE had considered building its own digital radio infrastructure, however joining Nødnett was seen to be the best option for both coverage and cost effectiveness. The electricity department was the first division within the company to be equipped with the new TETRA devices, followed by the construction department who build and maintain the power lines. The experience has been positive so far, and has helped SFE to restore both network capacity and availability, which has in turn increased security for the company and the public safety services in the region. Kåre Teigland, Head of Information and Communication Technology at SFE said, "The coverage so far has been very reliable and we are not expecting any issues during a heavy storm".