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Huixquilucan Municipality

Sepura Helps Keep Huixquilucan Municipality Safe

Huixquilucan Municipality lies adjacent to the west side of Mexico City. It is one of the most important municipalities of Mexico State, being part of the metropolitan zone of Mexico Valley surrounding Mexico City.

Considered to be one of the safest municipalities in the entire country, Huixquilcan was one of the first to invest in a city & town video surveillance system across the entire region, as well as installing a panic button system. This installation included a monitoring building known as C4, which receives all citizen calls and from which they are able to monitor the video surveillance system.

Following the implementation of such a system, Huixquilucan Municipality recognised a need to upgrade its public safety communications system.

Project Partner

Having conducted market research to identify the most appropriate digital radio communications technology, the organisation selected TETRA as the best solution, due to its high security, mission critical and public safety features. In addition, it is an open standard which enabled the flexibility to work with multiple TETRA radio suppliers.

The Challenge

Sepura and Teltronic are currently implementing a state wide TETRA network for the State of Mexico, and municipalities such as Huixquilucan have the option to add to this their own independent self-managed system. Having previously run an MPT1327 analogue system, the municipality recognised the need to upgrade to a digital platform. The existing TETRAPOL system was more than ten years old and was no longer fully meeting Huixquilucan’s operational requirements.

“Technology is an ally in matters of security; this is why we have invested in new radio communication systems of the latest technology. With this equipment and their enhanced functionalities we expect to reduce the response times installing multiple base stations along the municipality territory, we will continue to invest in technology because citizen security is our top priority.”


The key technical challenge for this project was the migration from analogue to digital. The municipality required secure encrypted communications and more control over police resources. The new system should allow Huixquilucan to have fully integrated communications services, including voice and data. Covering 143.52 km², a population of over 240,000 and including 10 localities, implementing a robust new digital TETRA
network is no mean feat for Huixquilucan municipality.

The solution

Sepura delivered a multi-site TETRA system covering 3 sites using Sepura SOLO’s and the latest TETRA handheld and mobile radios. The municipality now has over 200 SC20 radios with 3W high-power TETRA RF transmission, alongside over 100 SRG3900 mobile radios. These devices have been installed within vehicles for communication on the move and within buildings as a desktop radio. The new system and radios are robust, reliable and provide greater coverage, clearer audio and secure communications.

The new SC20 terminals have an IP68 environmental rating, allowing them to be rinsed in running water, and GPS tracking for better resource management. The powerful 3W TETRA engines within the radios provide better coverage and powerful audio for clear communications at all times. The use of SRG3900s allow the emergency services to extend coverage through the use of Gateway mode, which allows voice and data through the TETRA network to be relayed between Trunked Mode (on-network) and Direct Mode (off-network) to ensure that users can communicate at all times.

Huixquilucan chose Sepura due to their market leadership in public safety in Mexico, with multiple municipalities having already implemented Sepura radios. TETRA radio systems continue to be implemented in the Mexican public safety market, and Huixquilucan Municipality have successfully moved into the digital age with a robust, reliable Sepura TETRA system.

“Sepura continues to gain momentum and prove the strength of our radios in terms of reliability and robustness for critical communications, especially across public safety and emergency services. It continues to be an exciting time for developing new digital communications in Mexico.“


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