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STP8X Skull Microphone


This compact microphone fits easily into most helmet types to provide hands-free communication in hazardous conditions. The unit consists of a bone-conducting microphone and a small speaker which attaches to the radio via the STP8X Advanced RSM or the STP8X large-button PTT, and is terminated with a four pole, NEXUS jack plug.

Environmental ratingIP67
Storage temperature-40 to 85°C
Dimensions (LxW)240x40mm
Connector cable length, coiled270mm
Connector cable length, extended1300mm

ItemPart no.
STP8X skull microphone300-00855

Applicable standards

IECEx SpecificationsATEX Specifications
IEC 60079-0:2017 Edition 7.0
IEC 60079-11:2011 Edition 6.0
EN IEC 60079-0:2018
EN 60079-11:2012

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