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STP8X Large-Button PTT


The Large-Button PTT comprises a large, single button PTT and a separate emergency key*. Suitable for chest mounting, the Large-Button PTT can also be used to attach Sepura-approved audio accessories via the NEXUS jack plug entry.

*The STP8X must be pre-customised to enable operation of the emergency key.

Environmental ratingIP67
Storage temperature-40 to 85°C
Approximate dimensions (WxD)76x17mm
Cable length, coiled600mm
Cable length, extended1100mm

ItemPart no.
STP8X large-button PTT300-00849

Applicable standards

IECEX Specifications
IEC 60079-0:2017
IEC 60079-11:2011 Edition 6.0

ATEX Specifications
EN 60079-0:2018
EN 60079-11 (2012)

Please note: For use in hazardous environmentseither the RuSC cover must be in place, or an approved RusCaccessory must be securely connected. Removal of the cover, ordisconnection of the approved RuSC accessory is not permitted inhazardous environments.

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