SRG Hands-Free Kit (Console)


This kit provides a remote microphone and a remote PTT button with a programmable soft key, and connects to the rear of the console or AIU using a 10-way Hirose connector.

The microphone lead is supplied crimped but un-terminated to allow routing of the wires. A plug in link is supplied if the hands-free is installed alone i.e. no handset or fist microphone.

Note: This kit is suitable for the console, HBC and HBC2. It can only be used with an AIU if no other audio accessory is required

ItemPart no.
Hands-free kit (console)300-00079

Alternatively, individual hands-free microphones or PTT switches are available:

Remote short-stalk micMouse-style micPTT switchPTT switch on
long flexi-stalk
3m lead
3m lead
3m lead
5m lead
5m lead
5m lead

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