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Sepura Colour Console 3


Available with key mats in a range of languages, the Sepura Colour Console 3 (SCC3) delivers an enhanced audio and visual experience, increasing the flexibility and installation options of the radio.

Fully backwards compatible, the SCC3 can replace the legacy console in many installations. A coloured bezel is also available, to aid differentiation.

Screen typeTFT
Colour depth262k
ResolutionQVGA 320x240
Screen size (mm)58x43
Console size (mm)185x58x33
Console weight225g
Environmental - IP ratingIP54

LanguagePart no.
SCC3 Colour Console With Latin Keymat300-01808
SCC3 Colour Console With Arabic Keymat300-01809
SCC3 Colour Console With Korean Keymat300-01810
SCC3 Colour Console With Chinese simplified Keymat300-01811
SCC3 Colour Console With Chinese Zhuyin Keymat300-01812
SCC3 Colour Console With Macedonian Cyrillic Keymat300-01813
SCC3 Colour Console With Cyrillic Keymat300-01814

Coloured BezelsPart no.
SCC3 Main keymat Bezel, Default Black (Packof 10)700-00825
SCC3 Main keymat Bezel, Grey (Pack of10)700-00826
SCC3 Main keymat Bezel, Fluorescent Orange (Pack of 10)700-00827
SCC3 Main keymat Bezel, Fluorescent Yellow (Pack of 10)700-00828
SCC3 Main keymat Bezel, Sepura Blue (Pack of 10)700-00829
SCC3 Main keymat Bezel, Green (Pack of 10)700-00830

Sepura Colour Console 3 previous part numbers:

  • 300-00771 | SCC
  • 300-00770 | SCC, Arabic keymat
  • 300-00769 | SCC, Chinese (simple) keymat
  • 300-00766 | SCC, Chinese (Zhuyin) keymat
  • 300-00767 | SCC, Cyrillic (Macedonian) keymat
  • 300-00957 | SCC, Cyrillic keymat
  • 300-00768 | SCC, Korean keymat
  • 700-00490 | SCC bezels, blue (pack of 50)
  • 300-00760 | SCC2, Latin keymat
  • 300-00761 | SCC2, Arabic keymat
  • 300-00762 | SCC2, Chinese Simplifiedkeymat
  • 300-00763 | SCC2, Korean keymat
  • 300-00764 | SCC2, Macedonian Cyrillic keymat
  • 300-00765 | SCC2, Chinese (Zhuyin) keymat

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