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I have been issued with a Sepura radio and have a question about it, can Sepura provide the answer?

Before being issued, radios are configured to meet your operational requirements. This is normally done by a Service Provider either within your organisation or as part of a service agreement. Users of Sepura radios should address questions about the radio and its operation to the team that issued and support the radio.

I manage a fleet of radios, can Sepura provide technical support?

To be able to provide effective support worldwide, Sepura have international partners who will distribute radios and provide support. Sepura provide in-depth training and support to our partners and we work closely with them to ensure that they are well placed to deliver high quality support. If you have purchased the radio from one of our partners please contact them for support as they will be best placed to understand your application and requirements.

Where can I buy accessories for my radio?

Sepura provide a range of branded accessories for our products, the details of these can be found on our website. When seeking to purchase new accessories, users should contact their fleet manager or the partner that issued the radio as there may be restrictions on the accessories that can be used. For information on accessory availability and pricing please contact your local distributor.

We are a Sepura channel partner and would like to obtain access to the Information Centre, how can we do this?

Sepura's Channel Partners are able to access the Information Centre from the Sepura webpage. To request a log in please email ic@sepura.com. Please note that access is only available to partners with agreements in place and that we are not able to process requests from private or group email addresses.

Can I have a copy of the radio user guide?

Quick reference guides for the terminals are provided with each radio when shipped. Please note, though that Sepura products are highly configurable to suit a broad range of organisations and operational processes. You should first contact the team that issued your radio as they will be able to advise how that particular radio has been configured and is expected to be used.

What does the orange/red button on top of the radio do?

The orange or red button is the emergency key. This can be used to trigger an emergency call, depending on how the radio has been configured. On Sepura's latest radios, this key is red. A red emergency key indicates that the product is capable of initiating an emergency call by pressing this key when the radio is switched off.

Check with the team who issued the radio on how and when this should be used.

What is the black vertical bar which occasionally scrolls across the radio's display?

This is built-in screensaver that is on the SC20 and STP; it cannot be removed or configured.

My radio displays 'No Transmit Mode' how can I recover it?

The radio will show this message if the battery has been removed whilst the Transmit Inhibit function was active. To recover it, switch off the radio by pressing and holding the Mode button, then switch on again using the Mode button.

Can I upgrade my radio software?

The software is supplied with the radio and maybe upgraded when new releases become available subject to maintenance agreements. The software version in deployed radios is managed by your local fleet manager who will issue approved software and configuration that supports your operational needs. It is important to maintain the configuration and consistency across the fleet and it is not recommended that users should attempt to upgrade or change the software in the radio.

How do I obtain and install Radio Manager?

Software for managing the radios is available when purchasing radios, your distributor will be able to supply information on the type of licence and training that can be provided.

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