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How to Clean and Sanitise a Hand-Portable Radio

Recommended steps to keep your Sepura radio clean and ready for use

To reduce the risk of germs spreading across your hand-held and hand-portable radios, and to keep them in good working order, regular cleaning and/or sanitising is advised.

To sanitise your Sepura device, we recommend using one of the following step-by-step procedures and the disinfectant products detailed in the videos below.

Radios that are IP67 rated, such as the SC20, SC21, STP9000 and the intrinsically safe STP8X Series, can be cleaned by rinsing under gently running water with a mild detergent. The battery and antenna MUST be fitted to the radio before rinsing under running water.

Please note:

  • A soft brush can also be used to remove visible debris and stubborn contaminates
  • Use a damp cloth soaked with a diluted mild detergent to clean the external surfaces. Do NOT use chemical aerosol or abrasive cleaners.


Always obey your local health and safety procedures when using potentially harmful cleaning solutions. Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should be worn when cleaning the radio. If your radio has been subject to contamination, seek advice from your local Health and Safety Authority.


Do not dry the radio using a microwave oven or with any other heating device. Always read the instructions for using the sanitising product carefully and obey all safety instructions relating to use. Regular use of this sanitising product may degrade the hard coat protection of the radio keypad. The use of sanitising products other than those recommended, may affect the radio/accessory’s material properties. Damage resulting from the use of an unapproved sanitiser is not classed as ‘fair wear and tear’ and is not covered by Sepura’s

For full details on caring for your Sepura radio, contact your local Sepura sales representative or supplying Partner.

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