Executive Team

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Steve Barber

Acting Chief Executive Officer

Steve was a founding employee of Sepura in 2002. He initially managed the company's portfolio of TETRA products, later expanding his role as VP Strategy, encompassing management of TETRA interoperability and standardisation across the whole group. He was appointed Acting CEO of Sepura in June 2017.

Steve has more than 23 years' experience in the analogue and digital PMR industry and over 13 years in digital fixed line communications. Prior to joining Sepura, Steve held a variety of senior technical, operational and sales positions at Simoco, ACIS, GEC-Marconi and British Telecom


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Peter Hudson

Head of Global TETRA Product Line

Peter is Head of Global TETRA Product Line at Sepura. He is responsible for product strategy, R&D, technical roadmaps, strategic partnerships and standards bodies including ETSI and 3GPP for Sepura. He has been extensively involved in TETRA, DMR, LTE and Enterprise Applications for Sepura.

Previously Peter has worked in mainstream telecommunications for public operators, SME's and start-up companies, involving network management, broadband wireless and private mobile radio for over 25 years. His involvement in TETRA has been on-going since 1994, leading the system design team at Philips and Simoco, working on the design and development of TETRA infrastructure and latterly product strategy with Sepura.


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Duncan Crouch

Operations Director

Duncan was one of the founder members of Sepura in 2002. He brings to Sepura over 25 years' experience in international Operations Management within the private mobile radio industry. Duncan has been involved with the growth of TETRA radio since its inception in the late 1990's, working in senior operations roles within Simoco Digital Systems Ltd and Philips Radio Communications Ltd.