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SRG/SCG Universal AMPS Fitting Kit


The kit is composed of three components, ordered individually to accommodate a range of mounting scenarios. Each component is ordered separately.

AMPS Base Plate – a 1” ball on a base plate with 30 x 38mm mounting pattern, suitable for attachment to a Sepura Colour Console or similar accessory with compatible mounting points. The Base plate can also be used to attach an assembled kit to a bulkhead or similar surface.

Handlebar Bracket – suitable for attaching an assembled kit to a handlebar or similar beam (maximum diameter 34mm). Includes a 1” ball to connect to the AMPS assembly.

RAM Double Socket Arm – connects an AMPS Base Plate to another base plate or Handlebar Bracket (length 60mm). c

ItemPart no.
AMPS base plate (1" ball)300-00860
Handlebar Bracket300-00861
RAM Double Socket Arm300-00862

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