SRG Remote Console Cable


The remote console cable is used to connect the Console, AIU or HBC to either of the 'HD 15 way D-Type' interface connectors at the rear of the transceiver.

The cable carries:

  • Console comms
  • PEI comms
  • Console power
  • Audio in and out

Different length cables provide a flexible installation solutionso that the console can either be installed locally or remotelyfrom the transceiver.

Please note: The cable is not included with the transceiver orconsole (unless otherwise stated). This item should be orderedseparately.

ItemPart no.
Remote console cable, 0.5m300-00067
Remote console cable, 2m300-00068
Remote console cable, 3m300-00664
Remote console cable, 5m300-00069
Remote console cable, 7m300-00665
Remote console cable, 10m300-00070
Remote console cable, 12m300-00666

Note: the HBC does not suport cables longerthan 20m.

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