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Handset-Based Console 3


The HBC3 is our newest handset-based colour console, which extends the improved user experience of the flagship SC20 hand-portable to the SRG3900 and SCG22, the world's best-selling TETRA gateway.

Clear and user-friendly, the console boasts a unique shortcut/notification bar to alert users to missed calls or messages, as well as major changes in the radio's operational state. Like the SC20, the consoles feature three context keys, creating an intuitive user experience and helping to reduce training costs.

LanguagePart no.
HBC3 Handset Based Console - Latin300-01801
HBC3 Handset Based Console - Korean300-01802
HBC3 Handset Based Console - Arabic300-01803
HBC3 Handset Based Console - Simple Chinese300-01804
HBC3 Handset Based Console - Zhuyin Chinese300-01805
HBC3 Handset Based Console - Cyrillic300-01806
HBC3 Handset Based Console - Macedonian Cyrillic300-01807

Coloured BezelsPart no.
HBC3 Bezel (Default black)700-00819
HBC3 Bezel (Grey)700-00820
HBC3 Bezel (Fluorescent Orange)700-00821
HBC3 Bezel (Fluorescent Yellow)700-00822
HBC3 Bezel (Blue)700-00823
HBC3 Bezel (Green)700-00824

Handset-Based Console 3 previous part numbers:

  • 300-01079 | HBC2, Latin keymat
  • 300-01179 | HBC2, Arabic keymat
  • 300-01177 | HBC2, Chinese (simple) keymat
  • 300-01181 | HBC2, Chinese (Zhuyin) keymat
  • 300-01180 | HBC2, Cyrillic (Macedonian) keymat
  • 300-01182 | HBC2, Cyrillic keymat
  • 300-01178 | HBC2, Korean keymat
  • 300-01057 | HBC2, Latin keymat (inc. mounting bracket andinterface box)

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