SRG Antennas


A range of TETRA antennas is available for use with the SRG3000 Series radio, depending on the operating frequency, the required gain and the usage case i.e. static or mobile. The TETRA antennas connect to the BNC connector at the rear of the SRG3000 Series radio.

Antennas for vehicle installations

FrequencyTypePart no.
380-400MHz1/4 wave, 5dBi9525 800 41081
380-400MHz5/8 wave, 7dBi9525 800 41082
380-430MHz380-430MHz flexi-whip/GPS vehicle antenna, 5m cable, 2dBi360-00001


Flexi-whip vehicle antenna, 5m lead, 2dBi390-00005


Flexi-whip mag-mount vehicle antenna, 5m cable 2dBi390-00006
410-430MHz1/4 wave, 2dBi, M8 mount & 5m cable9525 800 41083
410-430MHz5/8 wave9525 800 41084
450-470MHz1/4 wave, 2dBi, M8 mount & 5m cable9525 800 41079
450-470MHz5/8 wave9525 800 41080
800-870MHz1/4 wave, 5dBi9525 800 41021

Please note: antennas with part numbers beginning with 9525 are supplied un-terminated to aid installation. A BNC connector is supplied for customer connection.

Antennas for desktop installations

FrequencyTypePart no.
380-430MHzFixed building antenna, 15m, 2.15dBi390-00004
380-430MHzBase station antenna, 15m, 2.15dBi390-00007

GPS antennas

ItemPart no.
GPS antenna mag mount, 6m cable, SMC connector300-00063
GPS antenna bolt mount, 30cm cable, SMC connector300-00393

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