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Communications Solutions in the Utilities Sector

Our latest industry report looks at how a two-way TETRA radio system provides safe, reliable and efficient communication and are especially suited for the utilities sector.

Utilities companies working with explosive environments, such as oil and gas companies, will need to ensure their two- way radio system is a certified IS (Intrinsically Safe) communication solution. This is a requirement for work stations on drilling and oil and gas rigs, to ensure devices do not ignite explosive substances.

In response to these demands, the utilities industry is under pressure to explore regions that are more remote and difficult to navigate. This means exploration in challenging environments in an already hazardous industry, both onshore and offshore.

In this report, we look at some of the key areas the utilities sector need to consider in their
two-way radio solutions to operate efficiently, securely and safely, along with the benefits that come with this.

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