Abiom Equip Dutch National Police with Sepura Radios in National Refresh Programme

20th November 2019

Sepura and their Dutch partner Abiom have won multiple agreements to refresh the nationwide deployment of TETRA mobile and hand-portable radios used by the Dutch Police, having been awarded every one of the recent tenders for the provision of critical communications solutions.

Abiom has already deployed a significant number of radios; over 57,000 hand-portable terminals for use by operational users as well as nearly 10,000 SRG3900 mobiles radios for public safety vehicles in the Netherland’s regional police forces. Abiom was also awarded the contract to supply forces with over 400 specialist Intrinsically-Safe radios, used by emergency responders in hazardous environments.

Together the contracts account for a refresh of the total operational stock of Dutch National Police TETRA radio terminals. The contracts also include the provision of accessories from across Sepura’s extensive portfolio. This ensures that the radios can be set up in a way to maximise each user’s operational capability, ensuring easy access to functions and outstanding audio clarity no matter where the user is operating.

Working in collaboration with their Dutch partner, Sepura’s solution closely matched each tender requirement with a user-friendly package. This included Sepura’s RSM audio accessory for the hand portable radio, in-country technical support and repair facilities and a five year warranty on all devices.

“The package we provided to support police users in the Netherlands will allow Dutch public safety users to access market-leading communications devices, serviced in region, developed and manufactured in the EU, to enable mission critical users to communicate safely and effectively.”

Bas de Grood, CEO for Abiom

“We are delighted to continue our long standing support to the Dutch Police and believe that the SC20 and SRG3900 radio terminals will provide exceptional service to their varied operational needs. The radios share a common user interface, ensuring that we can offer our customers a seamless transition to their new devices while minimising officer training. The nationwide commitment to TETRA for voice and data communication through Sepura devices will ensure that Dutch Police officers are amongst the best connected operational users on a nationwide TETRA platform in the world today.”

Gary Maughan, Regional Director for North Central Europe at Sepura