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Teltronic to supply TETRA solution to Monterrey Metro

1st June 2015

Teltronic, part of the Sepura Group, is to provide a new TETRA system for Metrorrey, the urban transport network of the city of Monterrey, Mexico.

Cambridge, 19th October 2015 - Siemens has selected Teltronic, part of the Sepura Group, to provide a new TETRA system for Metrorrey, the urban transport network of the city of Monterrey, Mexico. The network consists of 40 kilometres of metro lines, as well as Transmetro, the rapid transit bus system (BRT) with a fleet of around 200 buses.

Teltronic is to supply a complete solution, combining TETRA infrastructure, a Control Centre application, video surveillance in stations and advanced on-board radio equipment for trains and buses.

The Nebula TETRA infrastructure will provide radio coverage to the metro network and the commuter buses. The redundant design guarantees total immunity against failure, and allows the 12 operators in the Control Centre to manage radio communications with the vehicles, as well as the current telephone system, via the Teltronic solution CeCo-TRANS.

RTP-Series on-board terminals will be installed in all 53 of the Metrorrey network's trains and Transmetro's 185 buses. This will allow management of routine and emergency voice and data communications between drivers and the Control Centre, transmission of GPS location information, and access to public address systems.

Maintenance and operation teams will use HTT-500 hand-portable terminals and DT-410 desktop radio units.

This project consolidates Teltronic's position as one of the leading suppliers of professional radio communication systems in the Mexican market, and a leading force in communications throughout the whole of South America.

Alfonso Reyes Santa Anna, Operations Manager at STC Metrorrey commented: "Teltronic have exceeded our expectations in terms of technical development, the quality of the deployed product and, above all, their dedication to customer service: throughout the project, they have paid close attention to our technical and operational requirements.

"We are extremely happy to have chosen Teltronic. We are confident that this TETRA system will optimise our mission critical communications, augmenting the security of both passengers and employees of Metrorrey."

Felipe Sanjuan Pasamar, Business Development Director for Transportation Systems for the Sepura Group, added: "Moving passengers quickly, efficiently and safely is a daily challenge. This cutting-edge solution leverages the power of TETRA technology to tackle the daily operational challenges of Metrorrey, making a vital contribution to the safe transportation of millions of passengers."


Siemens have long-standing transport expertise and IT know-how. They develop new, intelligent mobility solutions that increase availability of infrastructure, optimise throughput and improve passenger experience.


Part of the Sepura Group, Teltronic presents a broad portfolio of critical communication solutions for the transportation, public safety, utilities, and industrial sectors based on TETRA, P25, and LTE technologies. Its portfolio also covers end-user applications and systems for Integrated Command and Control Centres and custom surveillance to these markets. Teltronic S.A.U. has deployed more than 400 systems in more than 60 countries.

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