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Swedish Police Renew Agreement with Swedish Radio Supply for TETRA Vehicle Terminals

10th June 2019

At the end of March 2019, the Swedish Police announced Swedish Radio Supply as supplier of Rakel TETRA handheld terminals. An agreement which extends for two years with an option to further extend for another two years. Today, Sepura and Swedish Radio Supply announce that the Swedish Police also selected Swedish Radio Supply as the continued supplier of vehicle terminals for the next two years, also with an option for extension for another two years.

Since the Swedish Police joined Rakel in 2006, Swedish Radio Supply has been the main supplier of TETRA terminals, support and accessories. The Swedish Police began investing in Sepura when they joined Rakel in 2006 and 13 years later are continuing to invest in Sepura TETRA devices.

"We are so proud to be a supplier to Sweden's largest radio user and for us it is an important acknowledgment that the job we do is both appreciated and performed professionally" says Jonas Hoke, Senior Business and Customer Manager for the Police at Swedish Radio Supply.

The vehicle terminal chosen by the police is the Sepura SRG3900, this terminal is operated on the same platform as the other Sepura terminals in use, which means that the operation between a hand-held and a vehicle-mounted terminal is the same. The SRG3900 makes it easy for users to switch between the different terminals without the need to learn different user interfaces.

The SRG3900 is a very competent mobile terminal with integrated GPS, gateway functionality, 10W output, highly rated security functions, encryption and night mode and is specially designed for flexible installation with a multitude of sound options. Sepura’s SRG mobile terminals which launched around 10 years ago, have had significant refinements on the latest SRG3900 version with an updated control console and colour display, more advanced functions and new software continuously being developed.

The police today use Sepura's terminals in all divisions, including in their new dog vehicle, within the police helicopter, with mountain rescue, border control, sea police, the mounted police and the police who travel on Segway’s in Sweden’s larger towns.

For further information on Sepura TETRA terminals in Sweden, please contact Swedish Radio Supply.

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