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Sepura SC21 hand-portable radios to be implemented by police in Goiás State Brazil

2nd April 2019

Sepura, in partnership with Teltronic have been awarded a contract by the authority of the state of Goiás, Brazil to supply TETRA radios to the local police forces.

The police forces in Goiás State Brazil will be introducing a fleet of over 2,000 Sepura SC21 hand-portable radios.

The SC21s will provide the police force with a compact radio without compromise on audio. The latest in TETRA technology, the SC21s also provide extended RF range, Water Porting technology for use in extended rain and lower cost of ownership thanks to 100% compatibility with Sepura RAC and sRAC accessories.

“We are honoured to have the opportunity to continue serving Goiás police with our state-of-the-art TETRA radios. Presenting them with the latest in TETRA technology from Sepura.” said Paulo Ferrao, Deputy General Manager.

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