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Sepura partner Abiom now exclusive provider of radios for the Dutch Police

13th September 2017

Sepura partner for Benelux, Abiom, have won a bid to replace all TETRA C2000 police radios in use by the Dutch Police with Sepura's SRG3900.

Abiom, the exclusive distributor of Sepura products for public safety in the Benelux region, have won a recent bid to replace all Tetra C2000 police radios currently in use by the Dutch National Police. In addition to the Dutch police force, prisoner transport services, customs officers and the National Police Academy will all receive upgraded radios. A total of 10,000 police radios will ultimately be replaced. For all users, the new standard for C2000 communication will be the Sepura SRG3900.

The contract is effective immediately and will be in place for 5 years, with an option to renew for an additional 5 years. Abiom will deliver the SRG3900 police radios, accessories and repair services for vehicles, control rooms, motorcycles and boats. Additionally, Abiom will be responsible for delivering customized software, remote programming solutions and comprehensive training for trainers as well as end users.

Abiom's proposal focused on hardware and services standardization combined with the centralization of managed services and programming. Doing so offers the police a better overview of their fleet, improves security and reduces the cost of ownership.

Bas de Grood, the CEO of Abiom, is proud of his company's selection as the exclusive supplier of police radios. "We've worked together for years with the police and their partners; our relationship will continue to grow with this new contract. For the emergency services, powerful communication tools are essential. Based on our long history, we understand the most critical needs and operating procedures from this customer and their end users. The Sepura SRG3900 will be a new lifeline. After extensive testing, our product proved to be the best solution in the marketplace. Winning this bid demonstrates the value of Sepura SRG3900 and Abiom as an important technology partner for the police in the 21st century."

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