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Sepura Launches Mission Critical LTE Communication Solution at CCW 2021

3rd November 2021

Sepura is launching its first mission critical LTE solution at Critical Communications World 2021 in Madrid. The powerful SCU3 Broadband Vehicle Device is ready for today’s mission critical users and offers flexible opportunities for the future.

With Sepura’s experience delivering trusted critical communications solutions, the SCU3 has been designed for use in vehicles and/or fixed office locations and supports Mission Critical Voice (MCPTT) and data (MCData) features.

SCU3 Broadband Vehicle Device
The SCU3 Broadband vehicle device is Sepura’s first mission critical LTE solution

Built on the market leading Android operating system, the device provides compatibility with a wide range of applications which have been designed to run on existing Android smartphones and tablets.

The device features an optional TETRA modem, enabling narrowband voice and data services, whilst also supporting Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi and Ethernet, providing connections to a range of accessories and ancillary systems. Paired with Sepura’s Mobile Device Management (SDM) solution, the SCU3 Broadband Vehicle Device is the complete communications solution for today’s critical communications users.

“Sepura is a leading provider of mission critical solutions to critical communications users. The SCU3 is the next step forward in supporting our customers around the world. With increasing demand from the market to integrate data into their operations, the SCU3 complements the TETRA solutions used and trusted by Sepura’s customers.”

Steve Barber, Sepura CEO

“Sepura has a proven history of providing mission critical devices to users around the world, in a variety of harsh environments. The SCU3 is the latest evolution of this; a fit for purpose mission critical device, designed for exactly the type of public safety use that Sepura has decades of experience in and now with the advantage of adding broadband data to our solutions.”

Peter Hudson, Sepura’s Chief Technology Officer

In combination with the Sepura Accessory Hub (SAH3), the SCU3 can be connected to a wide range of Sepura and third party accessories, providing flexibility for vehicle and fixed installations, including a Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) which gives the user complete control, with ergonomic buttons designed to enable safe, error free use in vehicles that may be moving at speed. The option to reuse existing Sepura accessories means the cost of ownership is minimised and training requirements are significantly lowered.

"Our customers are always looking for ways to extend their capability, and the Sepura LTE solution enables them to do exactly this; adding broadband data to support their operations, while benefitting from the proven quality, coverage and robustness of TETRA voice communications. We have been speaking to customers and partners for many years in the course of developing this product, and we believe our solution answers both a current and future need for critical communications users.”

Terence Ledger, Sepura's Global Sales Director

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