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Sepura launches a new revolutionary accessory

1st January 2014

Sepura launches the Sepura Dynamic Controller (SDC) at PMRExpo 2014. The SDC connects GSM and TETRA devices to Sepura's proven range of covert accessories.

25th November 2014 - Sepura has launched the Sepura Dynamic Controller (SDC) at PMR Expo, one of the world´s largest events for Professional Mobile Radio and control rooms.

The SDC connects GSM and TETRA devices to Sepura's proven range of covert accessories. With noise-eliminating technology, wireless control and secure Bluetooth, it allows dynamic swapping between the devices with a single button press of the discreet remote control unit (RCU). It supports all standard induction covert earpieces, as well as off-the-shelf headphones, and can be used as a GSM-only covert solution.

Operable in GSM-only mode, it supports all existing Sepura wired and wireless accessories including the NN5, Sepura's sophisticated and ground-breaking noise-eliminating solution.

John Drewnicki, Product Manager for Sepura comments: "The SDC brings new opportunities to the covert market. It opens up the world of Sepura's proven covert accessories to the GSM user and introduces fall back options which can make a real difference in the field. Packing all this technology, including EM noise elimination, into one compact product ensures users' operations are not compromised by the use of additional elements and separate systems that need to be swapped. At its core, this will strengthen end-user safety and expand flexibility".

Steve Barber, Head of Product Strategy for Sepura, concludes: "The PMR accessories market has developed considerably in the last few years, acquiring a strong strategic importance for all equipment manufacturers. With the launch of the Dynamic Controller and of the ULTRA Controller Speaker Microphone, last month, we are demonstrating our commitment to the expansion of our accessory portfolio and to the delivery of accessories of the highest quality to our customers ".

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