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Is there a “best” critical communication solution?

12th July 2021


Critical Communications Round Table

Peter Hudson, Sepura Chief Technology Officer, recently took part in a round table on critical communications, looking at specific use cases for TETRA and alternative critical communications solutions.

Among the key questions considered by the panel were:

  • What are the key critical communications issues and considerations for users?
  • Understanding whether TETRA or cellular is the best solution choice
  • Key mission critical requirements to consider
  • The strengths and weaknesses of unified solutions

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Peter Hudson final

Among the issues considered were understanding user requirements, and matching these to the appropriate technology. Understanding how a private TETRA network differs from an off the shelf commercial cellular solution is key to delivering a fit for purpose communications solution. “TETRA networks are specialist networks delivering mission critical communications services, with specific feature sets that have evolved and improved over time” outlines Peter. “These requirements are based on extensive user interactions, understanding how people interface with technology whilst undertaking their role.”

Tony Gray, CEO of The Critical Communications Association agreed:

“Communications for TETRA users are mission critical and may even be lifesaving. If the user need is for reliable, resilient, secure group communications with sub-0.5 second call set up and all the other features well known, proven and trusted by users, then the choice has to be TETRA.”

In the article Peter also outlines the three key requirements that a critical communications network must meet, while the group also discuss how LTE can help support mission critical communications and opportunities for hybrid solutions.

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