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STP Coloured Bezels


Coloured bezels can be used to help identify groups of radios that have been pre-programmed with specific functionality. Each pack contains 50 bezels of the same colour.

ItemPart no.
Bezel, STP9000: blue (pack of 50)700-00437

Bezel, STP9000: yellow (pack of 50)

Bezel, STP9000: orange (pack of 50)700-00439
Bezel, STP9000: green (pack of 50)700-00531
Bezel, STP9100: blue (pack of 50)700-00440
Bezel, STP9100: orange (pack of 50)700-00441
Bezel, STP9100: yellow (pack of 50)700-00442
Bezel, STP9200: blue (pack of 50)700-00443
Bezel, STP9200: orange (pack of 50)700-00444
Bezel, STP9200: yellow (pack of 50)700-00445

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