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IP67 Sepura Remote Speaker Microphone (sRSM)


Robust and lightweight, the IP67 sRSM boasts outstanding audio quality, IP67 environmental protection and water-porting technology - ensuring loud, clear audio, even in continuous, heavy rain.

Compatible with Sepura's STP and SC2 series radios, its ergonomic design makes it easy to use, even with gloved hands or in poor light. Three soft keys can be used for customised configuration, such as volume increase, volume decrease and TMO/DMO toggle. It also features a dual colour LED.

Two versions of the IP67 sRSM are available with standard lead length (550mm) and short lead length (310mm). Both are fitted with an sRAC Connector.

ItemPart no.
IP67 sRSM (standard lead length)300-01169
IP67 sRSM (short lead length)300-01982

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