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Genesis II Headset


A Genesis II-style headset with flexible boom microphone, suitable for use with most types of motorcycle crash helmets. The headset connects via a DIN style connector to a large, robust in-line PTT switch unit which terminates in a RAC (Rugged Accessory Connector) to the radio handset. The PTT features a side jack socket, allowing connection to a handlebar-mounted PTT.

The headset kit consists of three main parts:

  • Genesis II headset and boom mic assembly
  • In-line PTT with RAC
  • Handlebar PTT assembly with jack plug

The headset assembly and in-line PTT are required for operation of the host radio and are intended for body-worn use. The handlebar PTT jack plug connects easily to the in-line PTT for convenient PTT access while mounted.

ItemPart no.
STP Genesis II headset (RAC)300-00747

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