Scalable market-leading two-way radio solutions

Our flexible digital radio systems are able to grow with your requirements - from a small number of radios on a single site to nationwide networks with thousands of users. Fully ETSI-compliant, flexible and cost-effective, our DMR systems provide a smooth and gradual migration path from existing analogue radio systems.




DMR Applications


DMR Terminals


DMR Systems Infrastructure

15 10 20 DMR Apps Despatched 230X150    15 10 20 DMR Terminals 230X150    15 10 23 DMR Systems

View details of our DMR applications, providing real-time data and immediate visualisation of procedures in emergency situations 

  View details of our DMR terminals, offering outstanding audio quality, along with a full range of numerous applications.


View details of our DMR systems infrastructure products, offering solutions for small sites or large national networks.