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Trusted Sepura TETRA radios now in VHF

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The reliability and security of TETRA with the extended coverage of VHF

Ideal for organisations operating in expansive outdoor environments or complex underground networks, Sepura's VHF TETRA solution enables mission-critical users to utilise the class-leading SCG22 mobile terminal and the SC20 and SC23 hand-portable radios in the VHF band.

Why implement a VHF TETRA solution?

Extend Coverage

Enhance coverage in expansive or remote outdoor environments and complex underground networks.

Reduce costs

With less equipment required to cover the operational area, save on infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Mission Critical Communications

Benefit from the reliability, security and advanced performance of TETRA, the globally accepted standard for mission critical operations.

Class-leading radios

Utilise Sepura's proven, robust SC Series radios and extensive ecosystem of accessories, applications and advanced capabilities.

VHF TETRA in the Mining industry

In expansive mining environments, where critical communications are essential both above and below ground, VHF TETRA offers the ideal solution to consolidate multiple networks into one mission critical solution.

Above ground: VHF signals carry further in open spaces, enabling a cost effective but powerful TETRA solution that provides crystal clear audio even in loud, wet or dusty conditions.

Below ground: With greater signal propagation, VHF TETRA is ideal for complex or expansive underground networks where safety is paramount.

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Take advantage of the advanced capabilities of TETRA

The introduction of VHF radios provides the benefits of TETRA's mission critical standards to users who could not previously deploy the platform, including:

  • A resilient, proven and secure communications solution for voice, messaging and data that can be relied on in any safety critical situation
  • Access to a wide range of communication modes including SMS and SDS, Direct (DMO), Trunked (TMO) and Gateway operation
  • Feature rich radios that provide smarter connectivity options such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, remote programming and applications capability
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"A VHF TETRA solution is a game-changer for a number of industries operating in remote and regional locations, in Australia and worldwide, providing these users with extended coverage to protect their staff and maintain efficient operations."

Murray Wales, Principal Consultant & Solution Architect, DXC Technology – Connect

Sepura devices available in VHF

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